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Tanzania : Announcing Tanzania Teens Against Aids 4th annual OVC Camp, July 9-13, 2007 (apply by June 20th)

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Teens Against AIDS is announcing its annual Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Youth Camp to be held in Tanzania from July 9 thru 13, 2007. The camp is free to youth that qualify but participants must pay their own round trip transportation to the camp site and back home.

Limited transportation assistance will be provided to members of TAA on a first come, first served basis. Members are those individuals who have paid their annual membership fees of $1, good for a year. There is no registration fee to all participants including non-members.

This year’s OVC camp will be hosted by the Tumaini Secondary school in Bunju-Boko, about fifty miles outside of Dar es Salaam. Campers must make arrangements to arrive in Dar es Salaam a day or two before the camp starts. Free accommodation will be arranged for early arrivals between the 7 and 8th. Selected campers will be provided with details to the campsite.

Registration is open to all vulnerable youth (you don’t have to be an orphan) between the ages of 11 and 25 regardless of your country of citizenship. Registration has already started and is limited to 100 participants. Deadline for accepting applications will be June 20, 2007. If you need additional information send email to the coordinator using the email below.

Several exciting activities are planed for this year’s camp. This is a place where underprivileged youth get a chance to be in a safe environment with people who care about them and want to see them succeed. Come ready to learn and share. Campers will learn how to pay for their education, avoid the dangers of HIV, develop leadership skills, organize youth in your own community.

Interested in attending ? Fill out the simple Application below and email it, attention to Victoria Nankya, 2007 OVC Camp coordinator at :

Major Financial Support for the OVC Camp is provided by Firelight Foundation and Ark Foundation of Africa.

Please send an email in this order to (no attachments please)

First and last name:____________________

Date of Birth : _________________________ Country of residence : _____________________

Tell us about your family. (No more than 2 sentences)

Are you in school ? _________ if yes, what class/grade : ____________

What do you think you will contribute to other campers ? Just a short paragraph (in the following languages, French, Luganda, English or Swahili)

What makes you a vulnerable youth ? No more that 3 sentences please

Why should you attend this camp ? No more than 2 sentences please

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